We offer vacation care and midday walks servicing Gurnee, IL.

 ~ We charge $16.00 per visit for vacation care, meaning that we visit your furbabies (dogs) 3 x per day when you are out of town (morning visit between 7 & 8; afternoon visit between 3 & 4 and the night visit between 9 & 10). 

Holiday rate is time and a half ($24.00/visit).

~ Midday walks, Monday through Friday we offer a discount of $1.00 per visit so the rate is $15.00 per visit instead of $16.00 (minimum of 15 visits per month required).

We always meet with you in advance to ensure that you and your pets are comfortable with us. 

Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂


Amalia & Ron Spaulding

Office: 1-847-336-3514

Email: amalia_ron@yahoo.com

Website: www.amaliaspetcare.com