Advantages for midday walks:

  • You will not need to rush home after work to let your pet(s) outside
  • Your pet ┬áreceives exercise each day
  • No need to call on neighbors or friends

Advantages while you are on vacation:

  • Your pet stays in his/her favorite place
  • Follows customary routine and diet
  • Less stress, particularly for older pets
  • Less cost if you own multiple furbabies
  • Your house is checked on daily
  • Newspaper/mail pickup and other household needs

Amalia’s Pet Care difference:

  • Since only the owners of the business will visit your home, your pets and home receive premium care
  • We always meet with you in advance to ensure that you and your pets are comfortable with us
  • Certification in animal care/ first aid
  • Written pet care agreement and daily log
  • Servicing Gurnee, IL